100 KG Fresh Vegetables & Rice Prepared By Village Women – Tasty …

Big Food Arrangement by village women. About 100 KG Fresh Winter vegetables & 25 KG country rice mixed vegetables prepared/cooking by village women & serve to more than 250+ children and villagers.

The boys arrange 22 KG cabbage 10 KG Cauliflower 10 KG Pumpkin 20 KG Potato 5 KG Brinjal 2 KG Pea Seed 3 KG Carrots 5 KG Beans(Chim) 10 KG bottle gourd 2 KG Onion Follower 10 KG Pulses & Some more vegetables with 25 KG of rice.

First about 15 women cut all the vegetables into small small pieces and then with help of one men women cooked vegetables curry with all types local mashala.

Then they fried the Mung Bean & Black Gram Pulses and then start preparing vegtables hodgepodge using all vegetables pulses & mshala.

After finish cooking they serve the food to villagers & village children.

Hope you enjoy the video. Thank you very much for watching our videos.