BHETKI MACHER PATURI | ভেটকি মাছের পাতুরী | Grilled Barramundi Fi…

White fishes are normally very tasty to eat. This Barramundi fish or Bhetki Fish is very popular among Bengali people – for its taste.
It’s very hard for any Bengali to choose between HILSA PATURI and BHETKI PATURI!
Solution is, make both and eat both!
Today I make BHETKI MACHER PATURI ! Earlier I made HILSA PATURI, you could see it here –
Australian people too, love to eat this fish very much! There are many recipes of this fish in Australian cuisine.
But this easy and tasty recipe of Bengal, probably the most popular way to eat this fish. So try it right today!

Recipe by Jhumu Poli

Technical and production PoliGrill

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