Blind Cooking Reward Video! – Distress Centre Halton Fundraiser! …

We’ve reached over $2800 in donations! For our $1000 reward video, I make a pizza without seeing a single thing. It was… interesting…

Learn more about what we’re doing:

Please help raise money for the Halton Distress Centre and share this video to boost awareness for mental health!


Distress Centre Halton:

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Reward videos to be uploaded as the goals are met! (Except the race. That will take place in the spring/summer)

Reward goals:
$50 – Pie to the face.
$150 – Both legs waxed from the knee down.
$250 – Blind taste test.
$500 – Nighthawk featured in vlog and first name reveal.
$1000 – Blind instructional cooking.
$2500 – Warrior dash/spartan race/some sort of physical obstacle course wearing gopros.
$5000 – Video of Nighthawk and I tied together at the leg and going about our day from 9am to 5pm (not including bathroom breaks).

Thank you so much for watching!