Chicken Chapli Kabab چکن چپلی کباب चिकन चापली कबाब (मसालेदार चिकन…

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Chicken Chapli Kabab
Chicken Chapli Kabab Recipe in Urdu & English
Chicken Chapli Kabab recipe is one of the most recognized Pakistani recipe from the beautiful KPK province of Pakistan. Chicken Chapli Kabab recipe is a special Pashtun style prepared kabab native to the city of Peshawar, although it’s eaten all over Pakistan, Afghanistan and now gaining popularity in many other countries all over the world. Another variant of this kabab which is prepared from beef or mutton is known as the Peshawari Kabab. It is said to be first prepared by the royal chefs of the Mughal era who popularized a number of other kebab dishes. The word “chapli” is said to be a loose translation of Pashtu word “chaprikh” which means flat, referring to the kabab’s round and flat texture. Another sound theory suggests that its name comes from the Urdu word “chappal”, the local word for sandals alluding the typical size and shape of the chapli kabab which resembles the sole of a chappal. The chapli kabab is a famous street food all over the province of KPK with more than 2000 kabab eateries in Peshawar alone. The Chicken Chapli Kabab can be served with either a Nan or Roti or it can be used as a patty for sandwiches and burgers and eaten with green mint chutney or tomato ketchup or sauce. At Yasmin’s Cooking you can learn how to prepare a delicious chapli kabab at your house with the help of out video guide and complete recipe in Urdu…
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