Doi Maach Recipe – Rui Maach with Yogurt Gravy By Ananya – Dahi F…

Bengali’s just love eating fish! Doi maach/ Rui Maacher is an authentic Bengali fish curry prepared with sour yogurt, spices and tastes delicious. Watch and learn this quick non – vegetarian dish by Ananya and serve it with basmati rice for a complete Bengali meal.

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4 pieces of Fish (4 pieces of Rohu Fish)
400 gm Yogurt
1/2 tbsp of Besan
4 medium Onions, extract the juice.
Grind to paste some Ginger and extract about 4 tbsp of juice
2 Bay leaves
2 Cloves
2 Green Cardamoms
2 Cinnamon
4 tbsp Mustard Oil

1.Heat 2 tbsp of the mustard oil. Rub salt over fish and shallow fry
2.Now in the same pan, add the remaining oil and some ghee and throw in some bay leaf, cloves, green cardamoms and cinnamon stick. Once it crackles, remove the pan from the fire, give it a few seconds to cool down a bit and then add the curds mixed with the onion and ginger juice and besan.
3.Now place the pan back on the fire. Add salt and sugar to taste
Let the gravy simmer on slow to medium heat for a few minutes.
4.Slide in the fish pieces. Cover and cook again for a couple of minutes and then uncover and let the gravy thicken. You’ll know it’s done when you see oil on the sides.
5.Lastly, garnish with slit green chilies.