How to Use Twitter For Affiliate Marketing

In my last article, I talked about the very basics of twitter. Now, we'll look at how Affiliate Marketers use Twitter to generate traffic. I know what you're thinking, and the answer is "Yes, there is a difference between how Affiliate Marketers use Twitter and how regular web surfers use it." The trick is implementing that difference without making it painfully obvious that you're on Twitter to make money.

1. To begin, create a user name that is both natural and not obvious. For example, I would never call myself "extrememarketer."

2. Have a plan. Tweet as if you're following a specific plan or strategy. For example, If I were marketing a weight loss product, I'd start out with tweeting about how I want to loose weight and the new eBook I found that enables me to do so. Then over the next couple of months, I 'tweet about my progress daily. Things like "Today, I started my diet" or "Tonight I start hitting the gym, wish me luck!"

3. Make sure your tweets are personable. They should not be robotic. Your followers should feel as if they are learning about a real person.

4. Along with number three, It's very important that you do not spam your affiliate links. Your statuses appear on top of each other, and seeing a bunch of the same link posted dozens of times, is not quite pleased to the eye. It also shows that you are trying to sell them something. When ever you do post an affiliate link, make sure it's natural. Example: "I'm on day 10 of the … weight loss plan." – a simple status with a plug for your product.

5. If you follow them, they will come. Basically, make sure that you're following other people as well. Remember we want to make sure our twitter page is natural. Those steps will help you along your way. It is important for you to understand that with this method, you actually have to know about the product you're promoting. So to sum this whole article up: Make sure your twitter page is natural. This is just one method you can use, there are many more out there. Do not be afraid to experiment with different ways of using twitter, depending on how you use it, it can be very flexible.

Source by Darren Stewart