Saffron Kissed Unique Tuna Fish Recipe | Fish Recipes @ Guru’s Co…

Tuna fish is marinated in an unique combination of herbs and sauces, which embrace, white vinegar, oyster sauce, salt, crimson chilli flakes, parsley, saffron and others, tossed in a pan with a smeared love of olive oil to supply your style buds a delicacy to cherish.


Saffron Kissed Unique Tuna Fish Recipe.

05 Items of Tuna Fish
half tbl Spoon White Vinegar
1/four tbl Spoon Oyster Sauce
01 tbl Spoon Olive Oil
half tsp Salt
1/four tsp Turmeric Powder / Haldi
half tsp Parsley Dry Herbs
1/four tsp Peprika
01 tsp Crimson Chilli Flakes
1/four tsp Saffron
02 Skinny Slices of Jalapeno peppers
01 Clove of Garlic


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