Hello guys! I assumed I might make a video to indicate how I make my roast rooster dinner. That is only a information, i.e, I haven’t got an actual recipe for you guys. However I will inform you how I made mine. Additionally, sorry about how quiet the audio is 🙁 in the event you use headphones it is not unhealthy I promise

First you wish to set your rooster to defrost and pre-heat your oven. Then simply observe these steps if you wish to make the precise portion as mine.
– Chop 2 small onions and a complete garlic factor
– Add 1 tomato, 1 chilli and 1 dice of frozen ginger
– Adopted by spring onions, four potatoes and frozen combined veg
– You wish to put all the things in a single oven tray

(I wish to put foil on my tray because it makes much less of a large number)

Add your seasonings and olive oil and blend all the things. As soon as combined, pat it down so it is evenly distributed.

Transfer onto your rooster. As soon as you’ve got washed your rooster, ensure there is not any water, add your seasonings with olive oil and rub it all around the rooster. I’d recommend doing this beforehand so the rooster has time to marinate. (I did not have the time)

As soon as that is performed, place the rooster on high of your greens and put a little bit of butter on each of the items. It helps get the rooster juicy.

Pop it within the oven for 30 minutes, after which ensure to test it usually. As soon as the rooster is cooked throughly, take it out and serve with yorkshire pudding and gravy!