The best way to Make Butter Garlic Sauce | Butter Sauce for steak and sea …

The place do I take advantage of this?
Flip your easy bread into garlic bread. Unfold the sauce in your common slice of bread grill or toast it within the oven for two min.
Butter garlic rice, Butter garlic lobster, Butter garlic prawn, Butter garlic shrimp, Butter garlic rooster, Butter garlic mushroom, Roasted butter Garlic Potatoes, sauté scallops with wine or butter garlic sauce, fast lunch field concept for kiddie stir fry veggies on this sauce and see the magic.
How do I take advantage of this?
A scrumptious straightforward sauce that makes most of your dish requisite. Drizzle on Grilled prawn, lobster, use it’s making mash potato
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Butter 75grams used is Amul salted Butter
Garlic – 20 pods pealed and cleaned native produce
Small flat pan used is by Wonderchef
Spatula used is by wonderchef
In a small flat pan soften salted butter, add chopped garlic and saute on low flame till cooked. Don’t brown the butter or the garlic. Chances are you’ll add Lemon, herbs like dried oregano and dried basil to boost the style.
Serve heat as a sauce to be poured on to a grilled fish or lobster, add to your mash potatoes and see the magic.